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What are Cable Buddies

Cable buddies are here to save the day! These beautiful animals solve the problem of your broken and frayed mobile phone cables by clamping your cable at the point where it's most vulnerable. The cable buddy cable protectors are made of high-grade, sturdy plastic materials to handle your cable bends. Stay connected with your cables and never worry about broken cables again.

Cable Buddies also help you identify multiple cables with a cute animal motif of dog, cat, turtle, shark, lion, tiger, dolphin and many more. Use your little cable buddy as an eye-catching compliment gatherer. Get a lot of eyeballs and appreciation for your sustainable choice. Your Cable Buddy is designed to induce calm and happiness. It is absolutely adorable. It keeps your cable ends safe and looks stunningly cute on your phone! A must have!

Your cable won't bend at the edges anymore - forget broken rubber casings and bent wires. This little animal chomps on your phone hard and does not let go unless needed. No more accidentally broken wires. Grab your cable buddies today!