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What Is A Cable Buddy ?

Cable Buddies - Latest Collections Cable Buddies for the smartphone can make anyone say " What is this cute thing!". It matches the lightning cable of the iPhone, the connector part is cute animals. It is an item to prevent disconnection and breaking of cables. The lovely shaped animals seem to be biting the iPhone. There are many kinds, there are animals series, aquarium series, monster, Sesame Street, and dragon ball.These are available at $18 a piece on our store. Incidentally, the most popular cable buddy is a tiger.It may be good for the office, home, mobile battery. At the time of writing, there is less stock on our shop and waiting period is sometimes for weeks, Amazon is soaring...

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Cable Buddies Animal Phone Cable Protectors

Cable Buddies - Cable Protectors You've probably seen Cable buddies on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you see things. I thought these were very cute I've wanted them for a while. It's like that, they're stupid. You know what cuteness is never too expensive, that's not true. You can know the exact price, they do come in different. You can buy them individually. You can buy them in different sets, there are different options available. If you have not seen that what they are to take one there out of the package are the cute little. They're hard plastic things that hooked onto your cables for your phone. So your charging cables protect them. It works pretty well and also...

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