Cable Buddies Animal Phone Cable Protectors

Cable Buddies - Cable Protectors

You've probably seen Cable buddies on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you see things. I thought these were very cute I've wanted them for a while. It's like that, they're stupid. You know what cuteness is never too expensive, that's not true.

You can know the exact price, they do come in different. You can buy them individually. You can buy them in different sets, there are different options available. If you have not seen that what they are to take one there out of the package are the cute little. They're hard plastic things that hooked onto your cables for your phone. So your charging cables protect them. It works pretty well and also they're cute and also because it does make it a little the bit easier to identify your cords.

Now it's about how to put the cable buddies on your cable, so lightning cable and what you do is right along the bottom side, there's kind of a slit. These are a little bit hard to open, you may need a little bit of help. you definitely want to watch your manicure if you're into that sort of thing. You just kind of pull it apart pushes in the cord and then makes sure the cord is facing the right way.

If there's a case on your phone so you can slide the lightning cable in. And then, it's pushing this. There's another box case but definitely not as cute as if it didn't have the case on. But, having the case on your phone is more important. So when The plugin Apple remote that's when it gets super cute so It couldn't go in. So they said this is a lightning cable this is an old iPad.

But it's not gonna make a difference with your Samsung cord because the cord the micro charger cords are so thick. So the little piggy can't get all the way up to the top. But it makes it look like he's working his way up to the phone which is still pretty cute. If we get that focus a little bit better so this is what it looks like on an Android a Samsung Android. And then I guess I'd the Moto Ben and much the same thing on the moto. But the nice thing about these even if your little Chomper it doesn't make it all the way up to your phone. That if you have a six-year-old, let's say, or younger or older in your house. That does not know the difference between especially the Android and the Moto phones. Because they do have a similar charger.

But the key can't charger and that way they know which ones which it also likes. It is supposed to protect your cable from fraying, which is a common thing that happens. We all have a couple of cables laying around even this one's starting to do it. But fray right anywhere and then they're kind of useless for a while. So again because you like just snap on.

You can take them right back off. It's kind of slipped in the bottom. They come right off you can use them over and over again. The plastic is very there's no squish to this plastic like you can't squeeze that. That definitely means are protected and it's just easier to find her cord. It's easier to grab her cord when removing it.

I think that's it I really do, said there're many, there's the shark there's the pig cable buddy there's the cat there is the polar bear there is doggy and the panda bear and many more. That you can buy these from our site. Individually there are different ones there's a hedgehog one that's super cute. They are the least expensive and available on prime. And why not have a cute little animal biting your cables. It's not hurting anything. And it makes a little bit happy.